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When preparing pills with silver nitrate, add (in agreement with the doctor) 3-4 drops of diluted nitric acid, which protects the lapis from decomposition. Without nitric acid, the pills, no matter how carefully they are prepared, darken after a few hours. Silver nitrate is dissolved in a few write me a essay of water, 3-4 drops of diluted nitric acid are added, and then mixed with 3 g of aluminum hydroxide and covered with water. It turns out a white, relatively stable mass; the color of the pills rolled out of it does not change for more than 30 days.

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When preparing pills with potassium permanganate, it is ground into the finest powder, mixed with 2.5 g of bentonite and converted into a plastic mass using lanolin (0.5-1 g).

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In the case of the introduction of small amounts of potassium permanganate into the pills (for intestinal disinfection), the pill mass is prepared by wetting the powder with water.

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Pellet coating. Some prescriptions for pills (for example, Shereshevsky's pills) are prescribed very often, and pharmacies need to pre-manufacture them in significant quantities (intra-pharmaceutical preparations).

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For this purpose, small dragee boilers are suitable (see 25.1.4). To make pills in this way, the soluble ingredients are prepared in the form of a solution, after which it is mixed with the syrup; solid ingredients are converted into a fine powder mixture. Sugar granules obtained in finished form from confectionery factories are loaded into the boiler.

Granules must be homogeneous and contain a certain amount of granules in 1 g (for example, in 1 g - 40 pieces; granules weighing 0.025 g). When the boiler rotates, the granules are moistened with a mixture of syrup with a solution of medicinal substances and periodically sprinkled with a mixture of powders of medicinal substances.

What is Aquablation® Therapy? Continuing to rotate the cauldron (after the liquid and powders have been completely consumed), a smooth shiny surface of the dragee pills is obtained. If it is necessary to mask the unpleasant taste or to protect the pills from the adverse effects of the air, a protective layer of powdered sugar is built up.


Drip method. A modern method, the essence of which is that medicinal substances dissolve or disperset in some dispersion medium, the melting point of which is in the range of 35-40 ° C (for example, hydrogenated peanut butter).

The resulting solution or suspension is poured dropwise into a cooled liquid (65% ethanol), having such a density that drops slowly descend in it. In this case, the drops solidify into the correct balls. In this way, for example, vitamin A essay can be obtained.

The essay to be dispensed must be of the same shape and weight; during storage they must not change their shape. Their surface must be dry and smooth. The essay should be uniform on the cut. Fluctuations in weight of individual essay should not be more than ± 5%.


The pills are dispensed in boxes or wide-mouth jars with lids. Before that, you need to check their number. The prescription and signature indicate the amount of the essay mass, so that in case of repeated preparation of the dosage form, the pharmacist adheres to the specified mass (in order to avoid doubting the patient's identity of the medicinal product).
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The pills are stored in a cool and dry place in order to avoid dampness of the mass and mold, which especially often occur when there are hygroscopic substances in the pill mass (glycerin, sugar, syrup, etc.).
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The Pill cartoon is a funny story about cunning, true friendship, resourcefulness and mutual assistance. The main character is a brown bear named Potapych. He fell ill with sciatica, and the pharmacy ran out of all medications. What should he do, because his back hurts so much and constantly bothers him?
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